Friday, January 27, 2017

Pizza Blanket, All Grown Up

The adult size Pizza Blanket is all finished and delivered to the VERY happy customer.  It was a lot of work, but I'm happy with the way it turned out.  Here's a video of Miss R hanging out in it to show you how awesome it is.  

She was very upset with me that she couldn't keep it.  Then again, she gets upset with me every time I make something that she likes and can't keep.  

The VERY happy pizza blanket customer sent me this adorable photo of her daughter and husband in their matching pizza blankets.  It makes me happier than you can ever know.

Aren't they the cutest???  I just love it and I'm so thankful that I get to share the picture with everyone!!  Thanks Michelle!  :-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

This is One HUGE Slice!

Right now, I am working on an adult size pizza slice blanket.  I have a very lovely pattern that I'm working from, but apparently, my gauge is off because this slice turned out HUGE!  I had to stop following the pattern because it was going to be waaaaay too big.  Today I am hoping to finish up the crust layer and stitch it onto the cheese layer.  Then, I have to make pepperoni and get them sewn on.  I'm excited for it be done and photographed.  In the meantime, Miss R and I did a little video for the DandoisLion DeLights Facebook page.

I'm very excited to get this project finished and delivered to my customer.  Hopefully she loves it!!!!  I make these in every size and you can order your own here.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Viking Hats Are Beyond Cool

Last fall a friend of mine asked me to make him a bearded Viking Hat.  The hats were all over the internet, and I couldn't WAIT to give it a shot.  So I used a lovely pattern by Mamachee for the hat.  It was perfect.  For the beard I used a pattern by Totally Stitching.  So far, it's the only beard pattern I use, although I'd like to try a few different designs.  
Here is the hat, modeled hilariously by me.
Intimidating, right?  It was perfect.  My husband had to model it too.

Since this first one, I've done many color combinations, including one in the colors of the Minnesota Vikings.  (Unfortunately my model was already at work when I packed that order up to ship, so I never got a photo.)

He was mean muggin' for me, trying to look tough.  

This is my favorite.  There's something about the orange beard that I just really love.  I've also done a ladies hat with no beard, but it has braids on the sides.  I didn't get a picture of that one either.  I wish I had!!

Then I got a really cool request to make a beanie hat with a beard resembling the German flag.  Here's how that one turned out.

So cool.  I'm hoping I'll get a chance to do some crazy beards in other cool color combinations.  Ya know, just for fun.  :-)  

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Pizza Blanket? Yum!

Sometimes I get orders that I know I'm going to love.  This is a story about one of those orders.  My friend Michelle, she owns the boutique where I sell some of my creations, was pregnant, and she wanted me to make a pizza cocoon blanket for her soon to be born babe.  I said yes, of course, because who wouldn't want to see an adorable baby in a pizza blanket?  It took me ages to get it finished because I was swamped with other orders, but luckily Michelle is understanding and awesome.  I managed to finish it before Baby E arrived, and we were all excited to see the pizza baby photos.  (Well, and meet Baby E of course!!)

It's pretty adorable even without a baby inside, right?  I love it so much.  It's really warm and cuddly too because it has two layers crocheted with double strands of yarn.  So soft and squishy!!!  So after Baby E was born, Michelle got photos done, of course, and she lets me use this one, which is pretty damn amazing.  I use it every chance I get because it's a fabulous photo of an adorable baby in this totally cool thing that I made.  

Pizza is Life!  

Right now I'm working on an adult size version of this blanket.  Then I have to do a baby size, small child size, and a large child size.  I have boxes of "pizza yarn" in my craft room just waiting for me.  Want me to make one for you?  Here is the link to the listing in my Etsy shop 

My family loves pizza and we eat a lot of it.  My favorite topping is mushrooms.  I love lots and lots of mushrooms on my pizza.  Do you like pizza?  What's your favorite pizza topping?