Monday, February 28, 2011

Huge Mistake--Survivor Week 2

Oh man, this week's challenge was wicked hard for me.  We had to scrap about a regret.  Something we've done or said that we wish had never happened.  It was tough for me.  Not because I don't have regrets, but because they're very personal.  I don't really want people knowing about them.  Then it hit me, I knew the perfect thing to scrap.  A couple years ago, my MIL's dog bit me in the face when I was giving him some lovins.  I'd known the dog since she got him over 8 years ago.  I've scrapped about it before, in the last season of Survivor, in fact.  Check it out here.  In addition to scrapping about a regret, we had to choose a member of the opposite team to scraplift.  I chose Nikki because I love her style.  This is how it turned out.

I used an OLD picture of me, we're talking 2004 or 2005, as a before picture and a newer picture as an after. 
Boo hoo for me.  Apparently I felt like having a pity party for myself and I indulged it.
Don't get me wrong, my lip definitely looks better than this now.  It's not as red and it doesn't stick out as badly.  It does still have bumps on it.  Sometimes it swells up really fat and is very red.  It just depends on the day.  What's frustrating is that I always feel like people are staring at it.  I actually had a dentist tell me that it looked like it had turned into herpes.  No idea what medical facts he was basing THAT on.  Whack job.  I also know that there are people out there with REAL problems, this is just a minor one.  A vanity issue. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Color Me Crazy Challenge at Tallyscrapper

Last weekend I did a challenge at Tallyscrapper called "Color Me Crazy".  The challenge?  To use crayons on your layout.  The creator of the challenge, the awesome Laurajean, even listed some articles on using crayons on layouts.  I knew, as soon as I saw them, that I HAD to try it.  Using an iron, to melt crayons, to put on paper??  Hello!!!  We only have one iron, I do not care, I am using it for this challenge.  Who irons their clothes anyway?  Jeesh.  Here it is:
The pictures are of my friend Laura and me at a benefit we worked a couple years ago.  Things are NEVER dull when Laura's around.  She's one of my favorite people in the entire world.  Please ignore the fact that the mustaches on my mustache sticks are upside down, I got a little adhesive happy and glued them on before I'd realized what I'd done.  And glued them to the paper.  And added glitter glue.  Damn.  

The journaling, in case you can't read it, says "Laura & me hamming it up for the camera.  We love our "mustaches" even if it's not "Mustache Ride Day".  "Mustache Ride Day" is a holiday we celebrate in our group of friends. It commemorates the day after HollaBirthaWeen when all the boys shaved their facial hair into ridiculous mustaches. We then went out in the field and did "JackAss" type stunts with the pick-up truck, a tabletop, and a bunch of chain. Don't worry, we had a helmet! Hence the name, Mustache Ride Day. Nothing dirty. 
I love the way the background came out.  It's so cool.  I want to put crayons on everything now.
Anyone ever tried this before?  How did it turn out for you??

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Pretty Cool Stuff

Okay, so first of all, you guys know I'm doing the,

right?  Well, I started work on that last night, and I'm pretty stoked about how it's turning out.  

Also, our giveaway at To Sew With Love wrapped up today.  Head over there to see if you're the winner!  The lovely ladies of TSWL have another giveaway going on now, enter it.  It's awesome.  

Three of my projects are being spotlighted at A Recovering Craft Hoarder.  Lyndee is on a constant quest to use up what she has.  I admire her for that because I have very little self-control when it comes to crafty stuff, and my craft room reflects that for sure.

A few of the items in my etsy shop have made it into treasuries this week!  Here are the links:
He Will Be Tall, Dark, and Handsome  This one has my fascinator barrette
Flora, Fauna, and Merry Weather Please  Woodland Bed Photograph
Beautiful Like The Rainbow  Star headband
Lovers in Paris  Pink Fascinator headband
I love seeing things I've created surrounded by beautiful things other people have created.  

Last thing, I finally got myself the EA Sports Active 2.0!!!  I've wanted it since I found out they were making it.  It was on my Christmas list, but I didn't get it.  Since then I've been putting off buying it until I had some extra dough.  Tonight the hubs convinced me to go with him to GameStop to trade in a bunch of our old games because they have a promotion going on right now that gives you more money on trade-ins.  We ended up with a $63 credit!!  So, the hubs got the game he wanted and I got the Active 2!!  I cannot wait to start that puppy up tomorrow.  I have the original and the More Workouts, so this is going to be fun.  Does anyone else have it?  Do you like it??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Hair Stuff You Ask? Yep. Definitely.

Last week I had waaaay too much fun at Joanne's.  Up until then, all the fabric I'd been using was either given to me, bought on clearance at a huge store that I hate, or thrifted from yard sales.  Lucky for me, Joanne's was having some great sales, plus I had coupons.  They let me use ALL of the coupons I had with me.  I didn't think they were supposed to do that, so I thank the super nice lady who waited on me.  I got a bunch of new satin fabrics in different colors and quite a few scraps from the remnant bin.  Then I got to work and made a bunch of rosettes.  When I put them together, this is what I got--a fascinator barrette.
Yeah, I added some tulle and fake pearl things from Michael's.  (Also bought on clearance.)  Then I found this cameo pin in my stash.  It was a flea market find a few weeks ago, so I have no idea how old it is.  

I really hate having glue, or thread, or both, showing so I backed everything with more of the black fabric.  It was tough work with that barrette on there, but I made it work.
The hubs took this picture for me.  I am so bad at doing my hair, but at least you get the general idea of what it looks like.  

I also put this together:
For this one I used a vintage earring to embellish it a little.  I LOVE it.  I'm definitely going to make one to keep for myself.
Not a pretty picture of my hair....again.  Sorry peeps, I work overnights so by the time I get around to taking pictures I am already EXHAUSTED.  I couldn't figure out a way to back this one so that the threads weren't showing, so I used some sparkly thread.
Does it bother you as much as it bothers me??  I would have used black, but, um, I didn't have any with me.  I'm not good at waiting when I want something done.  They're done now and posted on etsy.  Now, it's time for me to get to work on my Week 2 Survivor layout for Tallyscrapper and my stuff for the

I'm so excited for you all to see what I'm giving away.  I think you'll like it!!!

Spring Fling Giveaway Coming Soon!!

Okay, guys, I'm wicked excited about this.  April, at Wildflowers & Whimsy, had a fabulous idea to host a Spring Fling Giveaway.  It's going to be 14 days of giveaways on participating blogs, and guess what...I'm one of them!!  w00t!!  The two weeks will start on March 20th and run through April 2nd.  There will be up to 4 giveaways going on every day of the two weeks.  The week before the giveaways start, a sneak peek will be posted.  Right now there are 14 blogs participating, and there is room for more.  If you're interested, make sure you head over to Wildflowers & Whimsy and contact April.  She'll be accepting more blogs until March 5th.  Click the button to see all of the participating blogs!!  This is going to be awesome!


In the meantime, don't forget about my giveaway going on at To Sew With Love!  Time is running out!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

First EVER Sewing Project

It's winter, I'm frozen.  Usually I will make a heating pack using a wet towel, ziploc bag, and the microwave.  It works, but I decided to try to sew one of my own out of fabric...using my sewing machine!  What what??  I've had my machine for about 6 years now, the hubs bought it for me for my birthday one year.  I used it a little, but the clutter in our small apartment made it tough for me to want to learn to use it.  A couple months ago I asked my Mom to teach me some stuff on it, but when we got started we found out the backstitch button was busted. had to be repaired and serviced.  Now though, I got it back and today I broke it out to make myself a stinking heating pack so my feet aren't popsicles when the hubs (human furnace) isn't around.  For my fabric I used a bedskirt that my parents bought me in college.  I won't tell you how long ago that was, but suffice it to say that the thing is pretty close to vintage status now.  For the inside bag I used the white fabric in the middle and then stuff it with rice.  Here's how that turned out:
Doesn't look too bad, does it??  I was proud when I got that done.  Check out my seam at the end though, not so pretty.
Once that was all done I made the case.  I would have liked to make it into a belted pack, but I have to work tonight.  Time is of the essence here people.
Of course I added some rosettes because, well, it's for me and I wanted them.  Ignore the seam on the pillowcase, it is not pretty.  Here's the finished product:
To keep me on track, I used Lelanie's belted pack tutorial at To Sew With Love.  Check it out, hers turned out oodles better than mine.  That woman's got skills.  Speaking of To Sew With Love, don't forget to check out the giveaway they are hosting for my etsy shop!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow Day!! Survivor Starts on Tallyscrapper!!

When a new season of Survivor comes on, that means it's time for Survivor on Tallyscrapper!!  This time around we have Team Russell and Team Boston Rob.  Not watching the show, I have no idea who these guys are except that Russell is a big jerk (?) and Boston Rob fainted.  I'm on Team Russell, so that's obviously THE best team.  There is a LOT of smack talk going on at the Tallyscrapper message board, and it's hilarious.  It really helps to motivate me to get my layout done and posted so I don't let my team down.  So anyway, for this week both teams got the same challenge, posted by our fearless leader Cristal, aka Pinky.  

The challenge was to:
1. Use at least one picture with more than one person in it.
2. Use tan/brown and blue--because hello!  We're on an island here people!
3. Use at least 2 staples
4. Recycle a piece of packaging from some scrappy supplies
5. Have some white, or negative, space

Here's what I came up with (I did this between 12 and 3am last night):
The pictures are of my nieces, taken by my sister, on a snow day a couple weeks ago.  Kira took the girls sledding for 2 hours and they had a blast!  The pictures are not blurry in real life, that's just my picture.  You should check out Kira's blog, Blah to Blog.  She posts a lot of her pictures and thoughts and projects.  I love her.  

Can you find my scrappy recycling??
It's the pink swirls!  I cut them out from some cupcake liners that came in a Making Memories embellishment pack that was in a kit.  Pretty cool right?  Oh, and check out the misting.  I used a technique I learned from Christine at Tallyscrapper.  She did a great tutorial on how to do some ghost misting.  (She's not sure what it's called, but I really liked her term ghost misting)

I'm really excited about this round of Survivor because everyone is amped up.  The challenge has been up since Tuesday night and our team already has 18 entries posted.  It's been such a revival since Pinky took over.  Happy Dance!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Giveaway at To Sew With Love! Sponsored by DandoisLion DeLights!

That's me!!  Obviously.  Lelanie, at To Sew With Love is doing a feature today on me and holding a giveaway for 25% an item at my etsy shop DandoisLion DeLights!  Lelanie works really hard at promoting fellow undiscovered and unsung etsy crafters, so go give her some love!!!!

Hey There Fancy Pants

I have that song by Ween stuck in my pants thanks to my newest headband.  It's a seriously fancy pants kind of headband.  I'm in love with it big time.  This time around I added extra embellishments and tulle.  The sparkly in the middle is from a vintage earring.  I love using them as embellishment, they add so much to the headband.
 OH my gosh, isn't it awesome???  I love it. 

Again, I had a hard time getting a good picture of it on, believe me, it's gorgeous in person. 
Now I'm off to list it on etsy and get started on some barrettes to go along with it.  OH man, I love it.  It's so sparkly!!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Headband Heaven

Last week, in between making barrettes, I made a couple new headbands.  I took them with me to my parents' house this weekend to finish up, and my sister & niece especially fell in love with this one.
I'm surprised I even managed to get it back from my niece.  She was very much in love with it.  I made her a barrette and we traded.  
I should have gotten a picture of her wearing it, it looked fantastic on her.  I love it, but I think that this one is my favorite of the two.
The earring I used for the embellishment is really sparkly, and I love the way the blue fabric is fraying a little.
Should have taken pics of my niece wearing this one too, but I forgot.  Oh well!!  I'll be linking these up to the parties in the sidebar, and they are now in my etsy shop.  The link for that's in the sidebar too.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh, Spring...

Where are you?  That's how I was feeling a little over a week ago when I started this layout.  It was supposed to be for a challenge on Tallyscrapper, but my parents arrived for an overnight visit while I was working on it.  Then I was too tired to finish it after they left.  They tired me right out!!  I finally buckled down and finished the layout this past Friday.  It's cool that I waited, because I got to use some of the February Tallyscrapper kit.  The bird's nest I printed out from the Graphics Fairy and colored it with the watercolor pencils my parents gave me for Christmas this year.

I made the rosettes from some white ribbon I had in my stash.  I was going to use them for something else, but thought they looked good here.

Turns out, I really, really, really like using watercolor pencils.  They are a ton of fun, so I'll be using them a lot more in the future!!

Bunches of Barrettes

Well, I guess technically most of them are clips, but to me, they're barrettes.  Making all of those headbands has left me with bunches of scraps.  Scraps that I can't seem to just throw away because I hate wasting things.  So I got the great idea to make them into rosettes and add them to hair clips.

These I added little stones and some beads.

They look really nice on!

For these I should have put the big beads on the bigger flower, but oops, I didn't.


Wouldn't these be great for 4th of July?

I might have to make some to keep for myself!

These are two of the rosettes that I sewed together, no hot glue at all.  At least not until I attached them to the hair clips.  Then I added some glue, just for stability.

I love the frayed look.

I also did up a quick barrette with some of my bigger "scrap" rosettes.
This one is on a spring clip barrette, so it can hold larger amounts of hair.
If you're interested, the barrettes are up in my etsy shop, DandoisLion DeLights.  There's a link in the sidebar.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dreams of Spring

It's cold!  The frozen tundra outside my house only brings thoughts of Spring, and flowers, and what new ones I'll add to the gardens this year.  Kafka is dreaming of Spring too.
 Last year I added some bee balm and lightning speedwell to the front garden.

The Irises are doing so much better now that I thinned them out a bit.  They were far too crowded to bloom in '09, but they did amazingly well in '10!

Don't even get me started on the Clematis!!  They were gorgeous this summer!  They bloomed all the way into OCTOBER!!!  It was incredible.
I wish I had more pictures of the entire garden so I could show you.  That's okay, I'll get them this year with my fancy new camera.

Don't despair, Spring is coming and when it gets here I'll have NO time to do anything indoors.  To be honest, I can't wait.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ocean Flower Decorative Pincushion

Is there really an "ocean flower"?  I have no idea!  I thought about calling it my sunflower pincushion, but the petals are turquoise.  I like Ocean Flower.  This project took me about two weeks.  It could have been quicker, but hey, I like to diversify my projects.  Embroidery isn't the quickest project.  The turquoise embroidery floss is a shiny kind that I've never used before.  I saw the color when I was buying floss for another project and had to have it.  Then, when I saw this matte white vintage Hull planter at the flea market, I knew exactly what I was going to do.  This....
Isn't it AWESOME???  I love, love, love it!!  The fabric is a clearance fabric that I usually use to make rosettes. 
The turquoise really pops.
It makes me feel like spring.  Blue skies, flowers, birds singing, and sun shining.  The whole deal.  You?