Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yeah For More Headbands!!

I'm loving these two headbands I finished this week.  Absolutely love them.  One is bold and bright.
Isn't it adorable?  The buttons are new.  Well, I bought them a few months ago, but they're not vintage. 
It looks adorable on. 

This one is my new favorite.  The flowers in the middle of the center rosette are from a vintage clip-on earring.  It looks delicate to me.
I had a rough time getting a decent picture of it on, and no one was around to help me.  I eventually got an OK picture.
The light was impossible.
Isn't it pretty?  Oh my gosh I just love it.  I love them both.  It's making me want to get to work right now!  This weekend I also finished up 2 layouts, but I can't post them right now because I'll be entering them in the March Tally Design Star competition on Tallyscrapper.  Don't worry, you'll see them soon!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Voting has Opened!! AND Features Running Today....of MY STUFF!!

Okay Peeps, let's rock the vote!!! The voting has opened over at Saturday Mornings. Go vote for my project "Fun Pincushions".

Also, today in the blog world, my green & yellow pincushion is getting some SERIOUS love.
She's being featured on To Sew With Love AND Sumo's Sweet Stuff!

Sumo Sweet Stuff

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Challenge at Scrap It Forward!!

The challenge blog, Scrap It Forward, is relaunching with new challenges!!  Right now the challenge is to scrap a page about yourself.  How awesome is that?  I already did one for a challenge over at Tallyscrapper, so I submitted it!  Christine, at SIF, has some great challenges AND great prizes.  If you're a scrapper, go check it out!  Even if you're not a scrapper, go check it out.  Maybe it will inspire you to scrap!

Cool Announcement Type Things

Well, so some cool stuff has been going on for both this here bloggy blog and my Etsy shop.  Let's see if I can break it down.

1.  Dana, over at the blog Saturday Mornings hosts a weekly linky party that I post on, faithfully, every week.  At the beginning of the year, she decided to add a competitive element to the posting.  After the linky party ends each week, Dana chooses several of her favorite projects.  At the end of the month, all these projects will go up in a poll for people to vote for.  That means, that on Saturday morning I need ALL of you to go to Dana's blog and vote for me.  Don't worry, I'll remind you.  Also, check out Dana's blog.  She recently switched from blogspot so that she could offer more advertising to fellow bloggers.  Now all of her advertising spots feature bloggers and etsy shops.  No corporations or random ads.  So cool.  Oh, and thank you Dana for choosing my pincushions!!!!

2.  Lelanie, at the blog To Sew With Love, has featured several of my projects on her blog, and earlier this week she contacted me about doing a feature on her blog, about me!!  There will be a giveaway and everything.  PLUS, she added my blog button to her Sponsors section.  My feature will appear February 17th.  Again, don't worry, I'll remind you.  To Sew With Love has some seriously awesome tutorials and great features every week.  They also have an etsy shop!  Check it out!!

3.  Sumo, over at Sumo's Sweet Stuff will be featuring my Green & Yellow Pincushion this Saturday.  Her blog is rad too, she has a theme for every day of the week!  Mondays are a linky party, Tuesdays are tutorials, Wednesdays are recipes, Thursdays are things to try, etc.  She does tons of giveaways too. 

4.  My Woodland Heart photograph was included in a treasury on Etsy.  I'm pretty psyched about that! 

Okay, I think that's everything, but I'm not entirely sure!  Great stuff right?  Right?? 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two More Headbands!

One of my goals for this week, along with working out and cleaning the house, is to finish up all the headbands I bought last week.  This weekend I finished up two more. 
I love the way this fabric looks with the copper headband.
Too bad I didn't have a copper button in my stash!!
I finally got the rosettes in exactly the right spot!

For the second headband, I did another trio.  This one turned out pretty well too!
I love this cameo.  I got it at the flea market this weekend for $1.
The flowers turned out kind of thick.
I like it. 

These are in my etsy shop now, along with all the others.  I only have one head, after all, what do I need a gazillion headbands for?  Besides, I prefer hats.  

My New Blog Button---A Test

Tonight I decided I should make buttons for my blog and maybe my Etsy shop. Let's see if it works!
The Blog button

My Etsy Shop

What do you think?? I love the way they turned out.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rosette Headband #3--My New Favorite!

This is definitely my favorite headband so far.  In fact, it's my favorite thing I've made using rosettes!  For this one I used a combination of glue and stitching to hold everything together.  It allowed me to give it a more polished look.  The fabric is new.  I got it on sale at a megastore that shall remain, as always, nameless.  Instead of using felt to back the rosettes, I used more of the fabric the rosettes are made from.  The glue helped give it more stability.  The headband for this one is much fancier.  It's metal and has strips of silver sequins down each side.
For this headband I used a vintage clip-on earring as adornment instead of a button.  It's very sparkly.
I just can't get over how beautiful it looks.
See how nice the back looks?  No felt peeping out anywhere.
Oh, and it looks good with my hair too. 
Sorry about the blurry picture, my husband is still working on his photography skills.

Rosette Headband #2

After my first headband turned out so well, I decided to try another one.  For this one, I used three rosettes.  The rosette in the middle is made from another vintage fabric in my stash.  I love the teal color in it.  The vintage button also came from my stash.  The two brown rosettes are from the same fabric as the other headband. 
So pretty.

I love the way it looks from every angle, and it looks good with my hair.
I'm not sure if I like this one better than the first one or not, but I know that I like it!!

Green With Envy

While I was cleaning out my kitchen cupboards two weeks ago, I found an awesome green planter that my Mother-In-Law left behind when they moved out.  It was in the cupboard under the sink, and it even still had some dirt in it!  I cleaned it all up, and this weekend I turned it into a pincushion.
All of the fabric is vintage.
I love the rosettes on the front.
And my emroidery on the top.

This little almost heart is my favorite part of the whole thing.
 Love that it's vintage.
This might be my new favorite!  I know, I say that every time I make a new pincushion, but I mean it every time!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oops! I need to learn to follow my own rules!

For the last couple of weeks I've been working on an embroidery project.  It's going to be a mat for a picture frame.  The frame is all painted, distressed, and glazed.  Last night at work I finished the mat.  Today I was all excited to get it mounted on some cardboard and check the whole thing out.  Then I realized...I'd made the embroidery part too big for the frame.  Well, not exactly.  The segment I marked out on my fabric is way too big and I can't figure out how to make it work with THAT frame.  Every way I try it looks silly.  I should have taken pictures so you could all share in my amusement/frustration.  So, I guess this week I'll be on the hunt for a bigger frame.  I need a really weird size too, so it's not going to be easy.  Does anyone know whether pencil comes out of linen?  Maybe I'll try handwashing the linen to see if that works.  ARGH.  I should never be allowed to start things without exact measurements on hand.  Oh well, I guess I just won't be using it for that frame.  There are others.  I can make something work and it will be glorious.

I hope.

Rosette Headband Attempt #1

My sister Kira asked me make her some headbands with rosettes on them.  Thursday I picked up some headbands at a certain megastore that shall remain nameless.  I actually got a couple different styles of headbands, but decided to start out with this skinny one.  It's plastic, shiny, and oddly comfortable.  I've been wearing one around the house to check them out.  Anyway, here is my first attempt.

Next time I need to get the flowers down a little closer to the ear, and I think I'm going to try sewing them to the headband with hot glue as an addition instead of relying on the hot glue to do the work.

It actually looks really nice with my hair color, maybe I should keep this one.  The greenish fabric is vintage, as is the button on the brown flower.  The brown flower comes from some fabric that was on sale at that same unnamed megastore. 
Don't worry, there will be more of these coming.  I've got some really good ideas and they will be coming together soon.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Purple Pottery Pincushion

Alliterations are fun.  This weekend found me making yet another pincushion.  I find myself really enoying doing the embroidery on the cushions.  Maybe that's what keeps bringing me back to this project.  Well, that and the abundance of awesome bowls at the Salvo.  I got this bowl a few weeks ago for $.99.

The cushion is made from a vintage scarf and more of that salvaged batting.  The flowers were made with some ribbon I had in my stash.

My husband says that it looks like a purple cinnamon roll, and he asked if he could eat it.  He was just waking up when I showed it to him, so I'm not sure he fully understood what was going on.
I love the wide rim on the bowl.

This one is my new favorite.  I'm almost tempted to keep it rather than putting it in my Etsy shop.  Then again, nah, I have an awesome pincushion.  I'll share the wealth. 

Dr. Who? Me! Shawna

This weekend I revved up my Cricut to do some challenges on Tallyscrapper.  Well, I say revved up, but what I mean is I spent 5 hours trying to get the stupid thing to update before I could cut the ONE thing I wanted to cut.  Ah well, that's okay I guess. 

I'm not much of a cardmaker, but one of the challenges was to make a card with a handmade flower on it.  Since I have a bunch of rosettes made, I put a quick pin together to put on the card.  That way it's a card AND a gift.  Clever, right?  I cut some Celebrate lace with my new Paper Lace cartridge.

After that was finished, I decided to actually scrap!  For me!!  I haven't done that in, well, a month or so, but still, it seems like a long time.  One of the challenges going on right now is **All About Me**.  The challenge is to do a layout about yourself, using 3 pictures, and do some journaling.  The point is to let others know more about YOU.  I couldn't resist cutting some swirly lace with my Cricut.  After spending all that time to update it, I figured I should get my money's worth.   I even added a tiny peacock that I got from *The Graphics Fairy*.  He was a leftover from another project, and I do love peacocks.  A lot.  Except the noise they make, that is creepy.

My journaling is hidden inside the Tardis.

Some of it had to be blurred out for my protection. 

The Tardis!!!

There are a lot of great challenges going on at Tallyscrapper.  You should check them out!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Awesome News at Tallyscrapper This Week!

So most of you, if not all of you, know that I hang out on an awesome scrapbooking site called Tallyscrapper.  After last Christmas I took a hiatus from crafting and Tally was going full swing.  I guess making 2 albums was a bit much for me at the time, and spring was coming.  That meant gardening.  Anyway, after a couple months I came back and Tally had slowed down a lot.  There weren't as many people and the store was, well, not so full of new stuff as it had been.  The dedicated core of people was still there though, so I started hanging out again.  Boy am I glad I did!  Tallyscrapper has a new president, and some of you might even know her.  PINKY, aka Cristal Hobbs, is taking over as Top Tally!  This is the best news I've gotten in quite some time.  Things are going to be heating up over there, so if you've never checked it out, now is the time.  The women on the site are the best around.  I've never felt so welcome and appreciated on a website.  Here's the link to Pinky's blog post about her new position.  She so damn awesome.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Soapy Valentine

Back in September, I saw some wicked cool, one-time use, skull soaps on The Closet Crafter, and wanted to try it.  But at the time I'd never made soap before and didn't have any of the supplies.  Then I got the water soluble paper at Christmas time thinking I'd make some for Christmas.  Nope.  I was too busy with other projects.  So, Valentine's Day is coming up.  I have the supplies.  I've made soap before.  Today, I dove in and made some one-use soaps.  My image was printed from *The Graphics Fairy*.

Aren't they cool??  They were so easy to make.  I added some Apple scent and some soap glitter before coating the hearts.  I dunked them all twice and trimmed the extra off once they were dry.

Then I made them a container. It used to be packaging from scrapbook supplies that came in the kit I get every month.

The tag was downloaded from *The Graphics Fairy* and edited in Picnik.  Here the soaps are inside their box.

Pretty cool, right?

Sew Excited About These Pincushions!

My thrifting trips lately have been ruled by small, pincushion ready containers.  A couple weeks ago I found this gorgeous red wooden bowl that I knew would be an awesome pincushion, although I did consider leaving it alone.  I paid $.99 for it.  As it turns out, I had the perfect fabric to go with it.  I even added a little embroidery and a cute red button on top.

Isn't she adorable?? 

Then, today I got to work on another pincushion while watching my favorite movie "Almost Famous", director's cut.  You have to watch the director's cut, there are a bunch of great scenes that didn't make it into the theatrical version. 

Anyway, this pincushion is made from a beautiful pottery bowl that I got in the same Salvo trip.  I paid $.99.  The fabric I cut from a vintage embroidered curtain that I had laying around.  Then I embellished it with some embroidery, a flower, and some pretty buttons. 

The pictures aren't the greatest because it was dark by the time I finished, but I really wanted to get these up to show everyone.  I'm pretty proud of the way they turned out.

My husband, surprisingly, likes the white one better than the red one (red is his favorite color).  Which one do you all like better?  I'm partial to the white one myself, I'll be honest.