Wednesday, January 11, 2017

This is One HUGE Slice!

Right now, I am working on an adult size pizza slice blanket.  I have a very lovely pattern that I'm working from, but apparently, my gauge is off because this slice turned out HUGE!  I had to stop following the pattern because it was going to be waaaaay too big.  Today I am hoping to finish up the crust layer and stitch it onto the cheese layer.  Then, I have to make pepperoni and get them sewn on.  I'm excited for it be done and photographed.  In the meantime, Miss R and I did a little video for the DandoisLion DeLights Facebook page.

I'm very excited to get this project finished and delivered to my customer.  Hopefully she loves it!!!!  I make these in every size and you can order your own here.

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