Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties Anyone?

Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties.  Specifically the Bonita Patterns version of Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties.  They are, hands-down, my favorite thing to crochet.  They are quick, adorable, and everyone who sees them has a tendency to squeal over them.  Here are a few that I've made recently.

They look like orange sherbet, don't they??

Can you believe that both of those pairs came from the same skein of yarn?  I love using Chroma yarn from Knitpicks.  They have awesome color changes.

They are even super adorable in simple cream!

More Chroma yarn.  Told ya, I love the stuff!!!!  If you crochet, I highly suggest trying out the crocodile stitch.  It looks difficult, but it really isn't.  If you don't crochet, and you want a pair of these booties, contact me.  I'll make them for you.  It would be my pleasure.  

And now, a picture of Miss R.  Because, well, she's smart and adorable and this picture rules.

Seriously, look at those eyes!!  Oh, but please disregard the yogurt facial.

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Amber Harrop said...

So cute I love these - I must make up a pair thank you for sharing :)