Monday, January 14, 2013

Finally Framed!!!

Lately I've been really trying to finish up projects that I started before Miss R was born.  This weekend I finished up one of my favorites.  I bought this frame a looooong time ago, and last March I spray painted it thinking I would use it to hang my jewelry on.  
After it was painted, I glazed it with a dark gray/almost black color.  At that point, I knew I had to use it in the baby's room. I even knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I bought a large R, spray painted it lime green, and hot glued moss to it.
Then I attached some ribbon and hung that bad boy inside the frame.  (Well, after I made a bow to cover up the nail poking out of the top of the frame.  Quick fix and it doesn't look too bad!)  The turquoise ribbon actually came from one of our baby shower gifts and the brown ribbon was saved from Miss R's first blanket.
You can kind of see the birds I made for her wall.  There's a post coming on those, but not for a little bit because I want to make more of them.

This picture's a little bit better, color-wise anyway.  I also finally got Miss R's Star Whale print framed.  (The Star Whale is from Doctor Who.  It is from the episode "The Beast Below".  The lonely Star Whale is the very last of its kind and comes to aid the children of Earth in a time of major crisis.)  I bought it on Etsy, from the shop Slogator, while I was pregnant and just never had a frame for it.
It feels so good to have these finally hung up!!  Miss R's room is my favorite place to hang out in the entire house, and it just keeps getting better.  

We also went on a family hike this weekend...
Miss R in her new jogging stroller!!
They are faaaar ahead of me because I am sadly out of shape.  BUT I did the entire hike!!
Jeff's "Blue Steel" face.  Don't you love the condensation in his beard and mustache?  So cool.  And check out all the colors in his beard!  That is just rad.
He's proud of me for finishing the hike.  It was about 3 miles with LOTS of hills.  Now, I just need to do that more often....

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