Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Great Tree Dilemma

When we (read I) started planning the nursery, I knew I wanted to do trees on one wall.  Why wouldn't I?  There are gorgeous nurseries all over the internet with trees on the walls, and I am not immune to that kind of pull.  

First idea was that my artistic friends were going to come over and freehand paint the trees.  Loved that idea, but as I got further along in my pregnancy I started to worry that they wouldn't get done "in time" (like the baby is going to notice).  

So I started thinking we'd go with decals instead.  I picked out a few that the hubs and I liked, but they all seemed small.  I wanted the trees to cover the wall.  Then I found a great tutorial from Just a Girl on how to paint trees from a picture using a projector.  DUH!!!  We did that when we painted winterguard props!  

I managed to find a projector on Craigslist for $20!  Then my aforementioned awesome girlfriends came down to help me paint the trees.  It was a lot of fun and there was even some freehand work done that turned out great.  

It's tough to get a decent picture of them due to window placement in the room.
This one is the Mama tree.

The Daddy tree.

The Baby tree.

The tree family.  

We really like the way it looks as if the big trees are reaching out to the baby tree.  Soon there will be birds on the trees, and we have a project planned for the vent cover/box as well.  It's going to be cute!

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