Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Friend Felt

Yesterday I had a really cool opportunity.  The school I attended from K-12 had a craft fair and I got to set up!! It was kind of a slow day, but I did MUCH better at this craft fair than I did at the one I set up at last summer.  That made me happy.  So I took all the stuff I had stockpiled, including all those super cute felt headbands, AND I made some pins and keychains to go along with them.  I'm bummed because I never took a picture of the keychains, so I can't show you those right now.  I do have one of them left, but I'll wait to show you pictures until I have a few more to go with it.  Here are the pins I made.
I started with the mushroom.
Then I did the heart.
Then the star.
And finally, the flower.
Of the four, only the heart sold this weekend, but that's okay.  They're all going to go into my Etsy shop hopefully this week, if it ever stops raining!  It's tough to take pictures without the sun!  I'm also hoping my Mom will send me the pictures she took of my booth so that I can do an entry with them.  I was very worried that my booth wouldn't look cute because I couldn't bring a lot of the props I wanted to use.  It's tough to cart all of your stuff, two dogs (one being an Irish Wolfhound), clothes for the weekend, AND still have room for props.  Despite all of that, I think my booth looked really cute and I got a lot of compliments on my stuff.  My ego is definitely feeling it today.  Now I can't wait until the next time I can set up somewhere!!

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