Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My 1st Jewelry Box

I'm still here.  This weekend is my first ever craft show, so things have been crazy here at home.  Then last weekend my body had the nerve to get sick.  Apparently it didn't get the memo about the craft fair coming up.  So in all the insanity, blogging has taken a serious backseat.  

One of the projects I'm taking with me this weekend is my first attempt at making over a jewelry box.

Here's the original
And the inside
My hair looks cute, right?  Anyway, I got this little beauty for $3 at a yard sale.  That was a little more than I wanted to pay, but that's just because I'm really cheap.  I spray painted it turquoise, added some scrapbook paper in various spots, and painted a white dandelion on the front.
The second drawer met with an unfortunate end.  Somehow in the spray painting process it swelled up.  When I put it back in its spot, it got stuck.  I yanked, and the knob fell off.  Oh well, it makes for a nice little cubbyhole I guess.
I'm not positive, but the paper inside the big cubby looks uneven.  I am NOT a precision person.  Ugh.  No hair glimpses in this picture.  Sorry, it didn't look so hot today.  I got it cut anyway.  Stay tuned for a post about that!
Do you like my dandelion?  I think it's pretty cute.  Well, maybe it'll sell and maybe it won't.  Only time will tell.  

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