Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Christmas? Already?

So, I did my first craft fair this past weekend.  It wasn't exactly what I had imagined, but more on that later.  I just want to show you a couple of wreaths I did for the craft fair.  I started out with some wreath forms that I bought at a yard sale for $.25 each.  Yes, I said a quarter each!  The lady selling them had 6, so I took them all.  At that price how could I not?  Anyway, I wrapped them both in two different color ribbons.  One has a gray ribbon on the bottom and the other has white.  Then I wrapped them with some ribbon my Mom gave me and added some book pages to fill them out.  I used more of the base ribbon to make a hanger.
The pages came from an old romance novel I found in the attic.  I have to admit, I was skimming the pages as I attached them.  The story was, well, kind of lame, but still entertaining.
You can't see it very well, but I sprayed the pages with silver/white Smooch Spritz.  They have a shimmery look.
You can kind of see the shimmer in this picture.
I think they'll be really pretty for Christmas, but they could also be displayed year-round in the right kind of decor.  They didn't sell at this fair, but I'm doing another one next month.  Hopefully they'll sell.  Or maybe I'll just list them in my Etsy shop.  It's looking pretty bare these days.  


Lindsay said...

I adore these little wreaths. They make me very happy. I have done a book wreath once, and I love it, but this is a whole new spin on it. I am so doing this.

I would love to have you link this up to my first link party!

Elizabeth said...

These are beautiful! What size wreath form did you use?

Audra @ The Kurtz Corner said...

What a cute wreath! I hope you'll join my link party on Tuesday! :)

Meg said...

So cute! I love book wreaths! Those are adorable. Great job.

gail said...

wow ! the price was right on making these!
I hope your next fair goes better. It's hard to know just what people are looking for.