Friday, July 15, 2011

A Good Sign...

It's a pretty good sign that you've inhaled too many spray paint fumes when you start asking your dog for advice on paint colors.  Wait, I do that ALL the time...  Please don't judge me!  She looks like she might know a thing or too about color choices, or food.

Since I'm here already, guess what!  Marni, at Sassy Sites, uses a random number generator to pick a top spot every week from her FFA Friday link party and this week she chose me!!  She'll be doing a spotlight post on me on Sunday and my button will be displayed on her blog.  Cool right??  I certainly thought so!!  Marni does a lot of work spotlight all bloggy awesomeness out there.

Also, Gail, from My Repurposed Life, "caught" my butterflies this week at her Catch as Catch Can link party.  Gail is incredible with power tools and creating awesome furniture out of, well, junk!  Check out her blog to see some of her fantastic creations.  

And finally!  My Chicken Wire Memo Boards are in the running for Best of June at To Sew With Love!!!  Head over there and vote for me!  I'm losing badly right now to some super incredible projects.  Voting runs until Saturday I think.  The ladies at To Sew With Love are awesome.  They work really hard promoting the handmade world and sharing their incredible sewing tutorials with the world.  Go give them some love (and vote for me).

Well, I'm off to inhale more spray paint fumes and chat with the dogs a bit more.  

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