Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Joyful Song AND a Project? Believe it!

This song makes me dance around like a goofball.  You can HEAR the joy pulsing through all of the performers.  Listening to Mumford & Sons makes me happy anyway, but then add in Laura Marling and Dharohar Project?  Wow.  It makes me grin from ear to ear.  I just wanted to share it with you all because, well, it's awesome and you deserve some awesomeness.

Now, the project.  Do you remember the post I did last week about my recent thrifty finds?  In it, I showed you this frame that I bought it at the Salvo for either $5.99 or $6.99.  I can't remember now.  Either way, pretty steep price, but I HAD to have the frame.  Had to.  
Well, I spray painted it Apple Green by Rustoleum and glazed it with a dark gray.  Then I added 6 wires in silver and copper.  Each strand of wire is actually a double twist of wire.  It alternates between silver and copper.
It can be used for pictures, earrings, or even a memo type board.
I love that you can put all different sizes of picture on it, and that it's so easy to switch them out.  
I LOVE the color.  I'm actually going to buy more sometime this week because I like it so much.  

Today when I got home I gathered up all my earring so I could show you what they look like hanging on the wires.  Of course, I had to clean them first, so the project ended up taking me a lot longer than I had planned.  Oh well, they look wicked cool.
It turns out I have waaaay more pairs of earrings than I thought I did!  I might have to use this frame for earrings after all!  I want to wear all of them right now!  See the watches hanging amidst the earrings?  Up until a couple of weeks ago they were broken.  My brother's girlfriend makes awesome jewelry and she fixed them for me.  Thanks Bethani!!!  (She also made the teal pair of earrings hanging on the second wire down.  I love them.)

What do you think...jewelry or pictures?  What would you use it for?

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