Sunday, June 12, 2011

Giveaway Winner!! And Some Pics from our Rail Trail Adventure...

Okay everyone, here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for!  Well, those that entered the giveaway anyway.  I used to draw the winning number.  We had 52 entries, and the winning comment was....

Lauren LaRae!  You're our winner!!  Congratulations!!  Send me your address and I'll get that out right away!  Now, folks, don't despair, if Lauren doesn't contact me by Tuesday, I'll do a redraw.  

This weekend I had plans to get a bunch of projects done.  I didn't accomplish that at all.  I'm in the middle of one project and might finish it today.  Friday night the hubs and I went to play poker with our friends and had a blast.  Then yesterday we were going to take the canoe out for National Get Outdoors Day, but, well, we didn't.  Instead we took the dogs to the local Rail Trail for a nice long walk.  As we got there the clouds rolled in, so our walk was a bit rushed, but we still had time for the pups to hang out in their favorite watering hole.
Greene likes to get in the deeper water and then drink, drink, drink.  We weren't the only ones out on the trail either.  Check out this little guy (or gal?).
Isn't it cute??  Ryndham slobbered all over the poor turtle's shell.  
And she was VERY nervous when he came out of his shell and started walking right at me.
The hubs had her leash and she was whining like crazy.
Can you tell I love turtles?  We live in the middle of nowhere and still, we rarely see turtles!  So, I get a little excited when they do appear.  
Bye little turtle!!  I'm so glad I lugged my camera with me on this walk.  Not only did it add to the fitness factor, but it came in VERY handy.  Did any of you get a chance to get outside yesterday?  Did you do anything exciting??

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