Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Silly Band Soaps

This is the project that I posted over at My Mommy Can on Monday.  Sorry I've been so MIA lately, all that overtime in the past couple weeks really sucked the life out of me! 

Over the last year I have amassed a very large collection of Silly Bands.  Don't judge me, I love the silly things.  Plus, I work with kids.  Anyway, I bought a bunch, traded some, and bought more at yard sales.  Then, I stopped wearing them.  I couldn't figure out what to do with them.  Then I had a great idea.  Soap.  I could put them in soap and sell them at our local yard sale day!

It's a very easy process.  Just divide up your silly bands.

Put them in your mold and pour in your soap.  I used one of those blocks of soap you can buy at the craft store.  You just melt it in the microwave and you can pour it into any mold you want.  I added some soap glitter and a few drops of orange scent to mine.
Then let them set.  Pop them out, and you're ready to wash up!
I love that some of them have silly bands sticking out.
Can you see the glitter?  I only put glitter in the "girly" ones. 
They're pretty big soaps, so they last quite awhile, and kids love using them. 
Many thanks to Jennifer for letting me pop in and share with everyone! 

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