Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mason Jar Terrariums

Wow!  I have been crazy busy this week!!  I worked one day of overtime last week and I'm working two more extra days this week.  It hasn't really left me much time for working on projects, but I did manage to pull one together today that I started last week.  Awhile back I found these old mason jars in the barn.

The jars got a good washing.  The hardware got removed, sanded down, and I spray painted them with Krylon metallic silver.  Then our basement flooded and my beautiful jar hardware was stranded on my work table surrounded by lots of water.  When the water drained, I rescued them.

I've been seeing a lot of terrariums lately on the internet, and decided these would look cool as terrariums.  Here's the stuff I used:
The bottom of the jar got a thin layer of glass chips and marbles to improve the drainage.
After I took this picture I removed several of the pieces because they were taking up too much room.  Then I put a thin layer of activated charcoal in to reduce odor.  The last step was just adding the potting soil and some plants.
Once I got all the plants in, I gave them a little water, put the tops back on, and replaced the hardware.
Don't you love the wolfhound in the background?  Ryndham was very helpful.  The plants I used include moss, a purple flower I dug up from the yard, and some little spider plants.
I'm hoping that they do well.  This was the first time I've tried to make terrariums.  I have lots of experience with houseplants, but never with terrariums.

I'll keep you all updated on their progress.  It's time for me to get some work done.  This week is going to be insane.  I'm working TWO extra days.  That makes for a 60 hour week for me.  Woah. 

***UPDATE***--Leslie, from Sage Endeavors, read this post, got inspired, and gave it a shot.  Her jars are so awesome!!  She even added a pincushion to one!!!  Go check it out and give her some love. 

Make sure if you try this, you send me the link so I can share it here.  I love seeing how creative everyone is.

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