Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stupid Hideous New Haircut

ARGH!!!  For weeks now I've been itching to get my hair cut.  It was down past my shoulders and I was sick of it.  I wanted to get it cut short, like this or maybe even shorter:
Kirsten Storms always has such adorable hair!  Love me some Maxie!!  (I'm a huge General Hospital nerd!)  Last July I used this same picture as inspiration and ended up with this:
Nice right?  I thought so too!  When I washed it out and curled it, it even looked like the haircut I wanted.  So this time when I went in, I gave them the same picture.  I did NOT get the same result.  Instead I ended up with this hot mess...
 Like the crazy eyes?  Do ya??  Huh??  Yeah, well, I'm REALLY just a wee bit upset about the bangs.  Hello, what am I TWELVE???  ARGH.  I'm so bummed. I went to get this done as a surprise for the hubs while he was at work.  Instead of feeling all cute and sexy, I felt like a big dork.  Still do.  Oh well, at least it's only hair.  It'll grow out.  Hopefully soon.

I'm linking this "real" post up at Not JUST A Housewife's "Get Real" party because what's more real than a hideous haircut documented with horrible cell phone pictures?  
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