Monday, April 4, 2011

More Ribbon Flowers!

This weekend while I was hanging with my fam for my little brother's birthday, I cranked out a couple more ribbon flower hair ties.  I'm seriously thinking about doing some craft shows, so I'm trying to get faster at getting stuff done.  I think it's working.  Unfortunately all of these ribbons are brand new.  No good upcycling, recycling, or just plain cycling.  Sorry.  I did get them for 40% off though, so that's good, right?

This one is a robin's egg kind of blue with a damask flocked print.
 I really love that print!

This ribbon is a sage green-ish color and I LOVE it.

This one, though, is my favorite.  I think.  For right now.  It's an emerald green color and the wire is copper.  In some spots the wire shows through.

They're so pretty and I love the way they look in my hair!  These are all in my etsy shop now, but I'm making some for myself.  Keep your eyes open, I'll be posting giveaway information very soon about my 200th follower appreciation giveaway!!

We've already made it into a gorgeous treasury!
Spring Dreams by BohemienneVintage

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