Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guest Post at Blue Cricket Design!!

This is uber exciting.  Today my Barn Drawer is being featured as the guest post on Blue Cricket Design!  Um hello!  That's so awesome!  Sorry, I got a little jazzed when I found out and I think I'll go float around on some clouds now.  It makes me feel all giddy when people appreciate something I've made, but I'm sure that you're all familiar with that feeling.  Isn't that why, at least partially, we share what we've done? 

BTW, I've started on drawer number 2.  She gets her first coat of paint today!  Also, I'll be back later today with 200th follower appreciation giveaway.  Although, I suppose it should be my 216th follower appreciation giveaway.  It's taking me so long to post it, there are bunch more of you now!
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