Sunday, April 17, 2011

From Salvo to Shabby Chic in One Weekend

First, before I talk about the awesome wreaths I made this weekend, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that commented on the post about my haircut.  I promise that I didn't write it for people to feel sorry for me, I was just being honest.  Maybe you're right and I'll figure out a way to do it that won't make me feel like a dork.  No, I WILL figure out a way to wear it that doesn't make me feel like a dork.  I have to.  I'm a dork, there's no doubt about that, but I don't need to LOOK like one.  So {{{Hugs}}} to all of you for helping me feel better.  Oh, and Carmella, I have, in fact, been told that I look like Julia Roberts before. Especially by my Mom.  Love you Mom!!

Okay, down to business.  On Wednesday I went to the Salvation Army to do some thrifting.  I'm not sure why I keep going there, their prices are out of control, but don't get me started on that topic.  Anyway, I found a small wreath form  for $.50 and this frame for $.99.  (The only decent prices I found that day...sorry, I'm stopping now)
The frame I'm going to use for another project, what I was after here was the flowers.  I ripped them out, carefully, to use on my wreaths.  
Then I wound ribbon around the wreath form, using hot glue to secure it.
For my pages I used an old Harlequin novel that I found in our attic.  (Yes, I did search out the steamy scenes in case you're wondering.  They were pretty mild compared to what I'm used to.  What?  I am simply well-read.)  I cut the pages down a bit because the wreath was so small.
Then I added a second, longer layer.
 For the center I printed out a birdcage image from *The Graphics Fairy* on white cardstock.  I crumpled it up and shoved it into the center.  Because I wanted it to look kind of poofy, I put some batting behind it and hot glued cardboard to back it all.
Then I hot glued the flowers on and added a few little birds.
When that was done, it still seemed incomplete, so I glued some pearl string along the inside, and the outside, of the wreath form.  The pearls on the outside string are larger than those on the inside.
Here it is all done:

Do you see the little bird in the flowers?

I was going to show you the other wreath I made in this post, but I think I'll give it a separate post.  Wouldn't want to bog you down with too many pictures!!!


Carmella said...

Oh, I love this wreath! And, Momma's are always right, you could be Julia's double if she needs one :)

curlyqmosaics said...

This is so very sweet! I love the colors, the birdcage, the flowers and of course the birdies!

WillieburgScrapper said...

This is SO ADORABLE! LOVE the materials you used! I will now go onto the haircut page to check it out- as a reformed extreme haircut getter I think I know how you feel. :) Thanks for linking this up to PI!

ArsenicandOldLace said...

How creative you are!!! I love birds so I especially love your wreath and your blog, too. ;)

Mrs. T.
Acorn Hollow

Erin said...

Your wreath is absolutely adorable!!!!

It's funny that you say the prices at Salvation Army are high. It's the Goodwill here....crazy ridiculous. The SA actually has good prices here.

Holiday Snob said...

This is so cute! And it seems quick enough that it would be a fun gift! Stopping by from Ladybug Blessings

Gretchen said...

oh wow! what a beautiful project!!

Cherished Bliss said...

This is super cute!!

I would love for you to link up to my new party!!

Kate Vickers said...

That's very pretty! What a great idea!

Cara said...

Well this is just adorable!


Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

So creative!! I love the little birds :) Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!

gail said...

very pretty! I love the color!