Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why I got NOTHING done this weekend...

Because I was too busy having fun with my family!!  My sister, Kira, came down on Friday with my nieces to "spend over the night", as my older niece used to say.  Friday night we had some dinner.  The girls played with toys and watched Harry Potter while we adults enjoyed a bottle of wine and chatted.  Saturday was when we had the REAL fun!  For awhile we did crafty stuff, the girls drew pictures, Kira worked on her inspiration journal, and I did computer stuff.  Then, after the girls woke my husband up, we went outside.  We had so much fun tromping around in the mud, snow, and water. 
We couldn't do as much tromping in the creeks as we usually do because the water was SO high from the rain and snow melt.  We still managed to find some calm spots.

We walked around a lot, checked things out, and the little one started to get tired.  But she soldiered on.
Cause she's tough like that. 
Kira looks skeptical about the odds of us getting much further.  She was right, it was far too slippery just past this point.  It's a spot that requires a lot of climbing and searching for footholds.  Not really suitable for a 4 year old. 

My mountain man with his Gandalf-ian walking staff. 
A true glamour shot of me.  I should have been a model. 
My gorgeous, awesome, funny, super smart nieces.  My sister is a GREAT mom and I love watching them all interact.

After they left on Saturday, I went to work.  Yeah, I was exhausted, but the overtime money was calling.  Don't worry though, I've been working on some things this week.  You will see them soon.  I promise!!!


Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi...looks like you had a fun day!
I wanted to stop by here and thank you for your comment on the bird nesting cage. Your comment is set to No Reply, so there was no email address attached to it. If you ever want to change that setting, I have a tutorial on my side bar, under No Reply. It's a quick fix.
Take care,

Kira said...

Hey I LOVE that pic of the 2 girls:) It's awesome!!!!! We had so much fun at your house last weekend!! We can't wait until we can come again.