Friday, March 18, 2011

Survivor Weeks 4 and 5 on Tallyscrapper!!

Last week the only, and I mean ONLY, crafting I did was my Survivor Week 4 layout for Tally.  The challenge was super cool.  We had to use a picture for inspiration.  It was a picture of orange peels on a paper towel.  How nuts is that??  In addition to that we had to use lots of orange, 3 buttons, and leaves or a tree.  To make it even more challenging, we had to use something that we say with our friends as our title.  For mine I used "For Science".  We use that for everything around here.  "I'm going to see how much coffee we have, for science."  I thought that the whole deal screamed boy page to me, so I dug up some pics of my hubs with our oldest nephew.  The title morphed into "Hunting Cougars For Science".
I used my Cricut Expression to cut the pics into circles and I cut some lace pieces with my Paper Lace cartridge.
As you can probably tell, I goofed a little on two of the pics.  It was the first time I'd ever used the "center point" feature so that's okay.

Then it was on to week 5, otherwise known as this week.  For this week it was "easy".  Because I'm on Team Russell, and apparently he's known for burning his socks?, we had to use socks for our layout.  Not literally but either in the title, in the picture, or as an embellishment.  For awhile it had me stumped, I have to admit.  Then I started searching the internet and found this Green Day quote "Never run in the rain with your socks on".  SOLD.  I had some pretty sweet pics I knew I could use of my sister Kira with her oldest daughter playing in the rain.  
What I love about this layout is the title.  I found some of my most colorful alphabets to use.  It looks so much cooler in person.  


Humble Homemaker said...

You really rose to the challenge! :) I think they came out great. Thanks for sharing at humble homemaking.
Humble Homemaking

April said...

lol! Friday, the kids were jumping over a ditch, and the oldest jumped right in the water with his flip flops so I told him to take them off so he didn't slip while he was running, so then the middle one took her flip flops off. Then the youngest who ALWAYS wears rubber boots...seriously even in the house, took off his rubber boots, left the socks on and jumped right in the water!

Sandy Ang said...

Two lovely LOs. I really like the way you cropped the pics into circles and clustered them. Thanks for the inspiration.

Maxine said...

Love your blog!I would love to win the tutu for my daughters 1st birthday! her name is Hope Faith, she will be 1 on April 6th!! I am a follower on both your blog and your friends!! Thanks God Bless!!

To Sew With Love said...

You are so good in scrapbooking. I wish I could scrapbook as well as you do! ^^)