Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Fling Giveaways Day SEVEN!

It's day SEVEN already!!  Sorry I'm late posting this, we were out LATE last night spending time with some of the coolest people on the planet.  Anyway, here they are, your giveaways for today!

Bethany, from Sweet Bee Buzzings, has this beautiful purse for you.

Melanie, from Lucky 7 Design, has this awesome basket with TWELVE handmade items plus some vintage lace and earrings!  

Of course, still going on are the giveaways at To Sew With Love, Sweet Nothings, The Simple Sussie, Nat Mac's Knick Knacks, and Luxe Boulevard.
Go enter, you won't be sorry!!!

Check back later, I'm going to post a tutorial on how to make your own suet cakes for the birds.  I'm bird crazy right now.  Hey, it's not my fault!  It's spring!  Well, it's supposed to be...You wouldn't know it if you looked out my windows.  We still have a BUNCH of snow on the ground and it's wickedly COLD outside.  Bah.  March.
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