Sunday, March 27, 2011

Katy Perry Challenges and Survivor=Weird Combo!

Tallyscrapper always has the best challenges around.  These were definitely right up there in my top 10 toughest layouts of all time.  Okay, the first one wasn't because my lyric went perfectly with my subject.  Sorry, getting ahead of myself...

The first Katy Perry challenge was to use an assigned lyric from "Baby You're a Firework".  My lyric was "Make 'em go Oh, OH, OH!", and I'm pretty sure I got that lyric for sharing my Katy Perry dreams with everyone.  

Here's the first dream:  I'm going to the bathroom at my parents' house.  (The old one, they've renovated)  Jane Fonda walks in and starts talking to me.  I say, excuse me Jane, I'm going to the bathroom here, do you mind?"  She says "I'm Jane 'bleeping' Fonda, I'll do what I want."  I come back with "I don't care if you ARE Jane 'bleeping' Fonda, I'm going to the bathroom, GET OUT!"  She leaves and immediately Katy Perry walks in.  She starts talking to me about some tickets for a show or something with backstage passes.  I say "Um, Katy, I'm going to the bathroom here."  She says "I don't mind" and keeps talking like we're old pals.  End Scene.

In the second dream I'm telling Katy Perry about the dream I had where she was in the bathroom with me.  She's laughing and thinks it's hilarious.  She says "Yeah, that sounds like something I'd do", and we chat like we're old friends.  End Scene.

The weirdest part about all this is that I don't even listen to her music.  I like a few of her songs, but I don't LISTEN to her.  So weird.  Anyway, for the challenge I had to use that lyric, a cloud or rainbow, and use a certain KP picture for inspiration.  Here's the layout:
I used pics of KP, JF, and me.  Plus my parent's new toilet.  Didn't want to embarrass them by using a pic of the old one.  
The journaling is just a recap of the dreams.

The second Katy Perry challenge was TOUGH.  For this one not only did we get assigned a lyric, but it was also part of a bingo challenge.  For the bingo part each square of a bingo card is filled in with some scrappy goodness.  For whatever game you get, you have to use all of those things in your layout.  So I got top and bottom rows.  That meant I had to use: stamp, punches, staples, American Crafts, bingo card, clocks, hearts, neutrals, leaves, and a border punch.  Holy bananas.  My lyric was "Stun me with your lasers".  I found the perfect picture of my sister Kira, and this is what I came up with.
Can you find everything?  I'll admit I doubled up, used my border punch as my punch, and my leaves are on my stamping.
The lasers kind of look like bird doo, but you get the idea anyway.

Then for this week's Survivor layout, we had a tough challenge.  We had to use a 3 word title that started with a Z word.  What?  I know, it was not easy.  We also had to use 2 staples and the color red.  Here's my entry:
 The hubs really hates that pic of him in the hammock.  Oh well!!
The pics are of my hubs at his parent's house in Colorado.  That Segway belongs to their neighbor.  He rides it down the mountain to pick up his mail.  Pretty smart since it's at least a mile walk!  

This is why I love Tally.  I would never have come up with those layouts without the challenges.  They really help me expand my creativity and I need all the help I can get!!!
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