Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hoo Am I?? Do you REALLY want to know??



I've been reading these posts on a LOT of the blogs I read and decided today that I would get in on the fun.  I like answering random questions about myself so why not??

  1. Have you ever had a professional massage before?  You bet your sweet behind I have.  My hubs and I got professional massages on our honeymoon at a hot springs in Colorado.  It was AWESOME.  After that the hubs bought me a gift certificate for a local massage place, BUT we heard that they did some not so reputable things there.  I never cashed that puppy in. 
  2. When drinking bottled water do you have a preference for which brand you drink?  Bottled water?  Yuck.  We have THE best water at our house.  It comes from a real spring, in the ground, so I don't buy water.  I have tons of re-usable water bottles and those get all my water.  I'm drinking from one right now.  We're lucky, seriously, we have awesome water.
  3. What is your favorite kind of soup?  Hmmm, good one.  I love soup.  LOVE it.  My favorite right now would be tomato because tomatoes are my favorite food, but I also love beef stew, split pea with ham, clam chowder (New England and Manhattan), and for some reason Chicken and Corn Chowder from Progresso.  I love making soup.  Hmm, I should do that this weekend.
  4. Do you have a preference of what Kleenex brand you use?  Well, not to be snotty (ha ha), but Kleenex IS a brand.  But no, I don't care as long as I can blow my nose on it. 
  5. What is your favorite breakfast food?  I like bagels, a lot.  Sometimes, if I have the right stuff, I indulge in yogurt and fruit.  Yum.  Omelets, I love omelets with tons of veggies.
That was fun!  I think I'll have to do this more often. 

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