Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hoo Am I?? Today? I'm Sleepy.


1. What is your favorite magazine?
I don't really read magazines, but we have a "GameInformer" subscription.  Sometimes I read about video games while I'm on the jon.  TMI?  That's part of who I am.  I do love the magazine Adbusters, but I don't read all of that either.
2. What color are your eyes?  Blue
3. Do you go to the dentist on a regular 6 month schedule, or do you put it off?  
Yep, every 6 months.  Might as well use the dental insurance I'm paying for, right?  Right.
4. Do you use anything to make your house smell good?
ex: candles, spray,etc...  My sister once said that my house smells like cleaning stuff, coffee, and incense.  She was right.  We have candles and sometimes burn incense, but my sense of smell went bye bye.  I have no idea what the house smells like anymore.  It makes me nervous when people are coming over.  
5. Do you have any pets?  2 awesome dogs and 3 awesome cats
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