Monday, March 7, 2011

Chalkboard Magnets of My Heart

So I've had these wooden hearts in my stash for, um, years.  They came from the Salvo or a yard sale somewhere.  Every once in a while I take them out, thinking I'll use them for something, and invariably change my mind.  Then the other day I figured, what the hell.  I painted 2 of the hearts with chalkboard paint and the other 2 with turquoise metallic paint.  Then I hot glued them together.
I kind of forgot to finish the backs before I glued them, so I had to go back in with paint.  The fronts looked kind of boring, so I glued on some tiny ribbon rosettes I made awhile ago for my Oh, Spring layout.  I knew I was going to put magnets on the back, but I wanted some other embellishments too.  So I added a little lace and a string of "pearls".  (Both yard sale finds)
The back wasn't looking too pretty, so I covered it with felt.

Then it was time for the magnets.  Again, more stuff from my stash.  I salvaged these magnets from some old ones I had on my fridge.  They were UGLY.
And here they are, all put together!  Aren't they cute?  Sorry about the horrible pictures, the weather here is awful, so it's pretty dark!

Right now I'm trying to find a cute way to attach a piece of chalk.  I'm thinking maybe a piece of lace attached to the back would work as a cute hanger for the chalk, but I don't know if they'll be able to handle the weight.  My plan is to give them to my grandmothers as part of their Mother's Day presents.

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Mongs said...

cute! Found you at knowing me knowing you blog hop, you are just next to my link :-) Have fun crafting. I enjoy crafting too, hope to do more. Following you.

Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

I think just about everything can be made cuter with chalkboard paint and your project proves it! So cute!

Krafty Kat said...

Oh, how cute! Great job- thanks for linking up this week!

aggieam01 said...


Kira said...

So I'm behind in your posts and I LOVE THESE!!

Lindy@Itsy Bitsy Paper said...

These are great. What a cute idea.

To Sew With Love said...

pretty chalkboard magnets! thanks for linking up, Shawna! I look forward to seeing you this week again!