Monday, March 28, 2011

Awesome Drawer Re-Do

A couple weeks ago we had 2 whole days where it was warm.  It was glorious, and I went crawling around in the barn to find something to play with.  I needed a project.  Then I found this drawer.
It was all alone, no cabinet, desk, or even another drawer to keep it company.  I brought it inside and promised to give it a new life.

Isn't it pretty??  I love the knob!  I almost kept it the way it was, but I really wanted something with color.  So, I painted it yellow and distressed it.  Here it is painted at the beginning of the distressing.
More distressing.  It's looking good, but I have more in store for it.
Glazing time!!
Here she is all done...
AWESOME!  Love it so, so much.
Even the hubs was impressed, and that's saying something.  I can't wait to get her into my craft room and fill her with all sorts of goodies.  Today I went to the barn to find another project.  Guess what!  I found another drawer!  A different style, different size, and perfect for what I needed it for.  What color do you think I should do the new one in?  It's wooden with a metal front.

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