Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Pretty Cool Stuff

Okay, so first of all, you guys know I'm doing the,

right?  Well, I started work on that last night, and I'm pretty stoked about how it's turning out.  

Also, our giveaway at To Sew With Love wrapped up today.  Head over there to see if you're the winner!  The lovely ladies of TSWL have another giveaway going on now, enter it.  It's awesome.  

Three of my projects are being spotlighted at A Recovering Craft Hoarder.  Lyndee is on a constant quest to use up what she has.  I admire her for that because I have very little self-control when it comes to crafty stuff, and my craft room reflects that for sure.

A few of the items in my etsy shop have made it into treasuries this week!  Here are the links:
He Will Be Tall, Dark, and Handsome  This one has my fascinator barrette
Flora, Fauna, and Merry Weather Please  Woodland Bed Photograph
Beautiful Like The Rainbow  Star headband
Lovers in Paris  Pink Fascinator headband
I love seeing things I've created surrounded by beautiful things other people have created.  

Last thing, I finally got myself the EA Sports Active 2.0!!!  I've wanted it since I found out they were making it.  It was on my Christmas list, but I didn't get it.  Since then I've been putting off buying it until I had some extra dough.  Tonight the hubs convinced me to go with him to GameStop to trade in a bunch of our old games because they have a promotion going on right now that gives you more money on trade-ins.  We ended up with a $63 credit!!  So, the hubs got the game he wanted and I got the Active 2!!  I cannot wait to start that puppy up tomorrow.  I have the original and the More Workouts, so this is going to be fun.  Does anyone else have it?  Do you like it??
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