Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

Today Ryndham, our Irish Wolfhound, and I did some snow photography.  Well, really, we did a lot more playing than photographing.  Her favorite game in the snow is the "I gotcha" game.  She stands a few feet away from me while I shovel and waits for me to throw snow on her while I yell "I'm going to get you!" or "I gotcha!!".  She thinks she's so sneaky, walking around the cars where I can't see her.  Yesterday I decided to get my camera to take pictures of snowy stuff, and she of course came along.

The top crust of the snow was frozen so the walking was not easy.  Ryndham was hopping around like an enormous rabbit which is funny in and of itself.  I just plodded around in my snow boots.

We could stand on the top for a few seconds before crashing through.  My goal was to get some good shots of that "snow cave" just past Ryndham's tail in the shot above.  I decided to lay down in the snow.  This is what happened...

And then this...

I'd love to know what she was thinking.  Right after this shot she sat on me.  Yep, 138 lb of Wolfie right on my back.  Then she got in the creek.  Not sure WHAT she was thinking!

Meanwhile, my other dog was laying in the snow, near the steps to the house, because, well, his legs are short.  He's old and kind of fat.  Not really the bunny hop through the snow kind of dog.  I'm excited because I printed the pictures and I'm scrapping them right now for a challenge on Tallyscrapper.  I'll do a post tomorrow so you can all see it!  I also did the "I <3 the 80s" challenge.  Too fun.
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