Monday, February 28, 2011

Huge Mistake--Survivor Week 2

Oh man, this week's challenge was wicked hard for me.  We had to scrap about a regret.  Something we've done or said that we wish had never happened.  It was tough for me.  Not because I don't have regrets, but because they're very personal.  I don't really want people knowing about them.  Then it hit me, I knew the perfect thing to scrap.  A couple years ago, my MIL's dog bit me in the face when I was giving him some lovins.  I'd known the dog since she got him over 8 years ago.  I've scrapped about it before, in the last season of Survivor, in fact.  Check it out here.  In addition to scrapping about a regret, we had to choose a member of the opposite team to scraplift.  I chose Nikki because I love her style.  This is how it turned out.

I used an OLD picture of me, we're talking 2004 or 2005, as a before picture and a newer picture as an after. 
Boo hoo for me.  Apparently I felt like having a pity party for myself and I indulged it.
Don't get me wrong, my lip definitely looks better than this now.  It's not as red and it doesn't stick out as badly.  It does still have bumps on it.  Sometimes it swells up really fat and is very red.  It just depends on the day.  What's frustrating is that I always feel like people are staring at it.  I actually had a dentist tell me that it looked like it had turned into herpes.  No idea what medical facts he was basing THAT on.  Whack job.  I also know that there are people out there with REAL problems, this is just a minor one.  A vanity issue. 
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