Friday, February 4, 2011

A Couple of Tallyscrapper New Beginnings Crop Challenges

I promised to show you all my layout with the pictures of Ryndham from Thursday morning.  Here it is.

I ended up only using one picture because I couldn't figure out how to add the others in.  My brain was tired I guess.  The challenge was to mist.  That's it.  Use mist.  So I used my Smooch Spritz to mist.  I laid the acrylic snowflakes down to mask the paper before I misted.

Thursday night I did the I <3 The 80s challenge.  For that challenge you had to use bright 80s colors, a picture from the 80s, an 80s song lyric as a title, and tape.  I scanned some pictures of me that I found in my drawer and enhanced them a little.  I think I was about 4 in these pictures.  
See?  I was a geek even as a toddler.  A gorgeous, adorable toddler, but definitely a geek.  These pics are of me hanging out at drum & bugle corps practice while my parents taught and directed and stuff.
Go check out the New Beginnings crop over at Tallyscrapper.  There are all kinds of challenges and games going on right now.
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