Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yeah For More Headbands!!

I'm loving these two headbands I finished this week.  Absolutely love them.  One is bold and bright.
Isn't it adorable?  The buttons are new.  Well, I bought them a few months ago, but they're not vintage. 
It looks adorable on. 

This one is my new favorite.  The flowers in the middle of the center rosette are from a vintage clip-on earring.  It looks delicate to me.
I had a rough time getting a decent picture of it on, and no one was around to help me.  I eventually got an OK picture.
The light was impossible.
Isn't it pretty?  Oh my gosh I just love it.  I love them both.  It's making me want to get to work right now!  This weekend I also finished up 2 layouts, but I can't post them right now because I'll be entering them in the March Tally Design Star competition on Tallyscrapper.  Don't worry, you'll see them soon!
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