Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two More Headbands!

One of my goals for this week, along with working out and cleaning the house, is to finish up all the headbands I bought last week.  This weekend I finished up two more. 
I love the way this fabric looks with the copper headband.
Too bad I didn't have a copper button in my stash!!
I finally got the rosettes in exactly the right spot!

For the second headband, I did another trio.  This one turned out pretty well too!
I love this cameo.  I got it at the flea market this weekend for $1.
The flowers turned out kind of thick.
I like it. 

These are in my etsy shop now, along with all the others.  I only have one head, after all, what do I need a gazillion headbands for?  Besides, I prefer hats.  
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