Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rosette Headband Attempt #1

My sister Kira asked me make her some headbands with rosettes on them.  Thursday I picked up some headbands at a certain megastore that shall remain nameless.  I actually got a couple different styles of headbands, but decided to start out with this skinny one.  It's plastic, shiny, and oddly comfortable.  I've been wearing one around the house to check them out.  Anyway, here is my first attempt.

Next time I need to get the flowers down a little closer to the ear, and I think I'm going to try sewing them to the headband with hot glue as an addition instead of relying on the hot glue to do the work.

It actually looks really nice with my hair color, maybe I should keep this one.  The greenish fabric is vintage, as is the button on the brown flower.  The brown flower comes from some fabric that was on sale at that same unnamed megastore. 
Don't worry, there will be more of these coming.  I've got some really good ideas and they will be coming together soon.
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