Monday, January 10, 2011

My Soapy Valentine

Back in September, I saw some wicked cool, one-time use, skull soaps on The Closet Crafter, and wanted to try it.  But at the time I'd never made soap before and didn't have any of the supplies.  Then I got the water soluble paper at Christmas time thinking I'd make some for Christmas.  Nope.  I was too busy with other projects.  So, Valentine's Day is coming up.  I have the supplies.  I've made soap before.  Today, I dove in and made some one-use soaps.  My image was printed from *The Graphics Fairy*.

Aren't they cool??  They were so easy to make.  I added some Apple scent and some soap glitter before coating the hearts.  I dunked them all twice and trimmed the extra off once they were dry.

Then I made them a container. It used to be packaging from scrapbook supplies that came in the kit I get every month.

The tag was downloaded from *The Graphics Fairy* and edited in Picnik.  Here the soaps are inside their box.

Pretty cool, right?
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