Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Might Be Obsessed...

Remember before Christmas when I made those Fabric Rosette Pins to put on my Christmas packages?  Well, I might need an intervention.  I'm obsessed with making those stinking flowers, and I found more vintage fabric stashed away!  On New Year's Day, the hubs and I had our first TV/movie marathon of the year and guess what I did while we were watching. Yeah, rosettes.  So I've been making some pins and barrettes.

My model?  No.  Well, yes, but only for a minute!  Isn't he adorable? 

That's better, right? 

The barrettes turned out super cute.

This pin got a little heart in the middle. 

 The hubs and I LOVE the way this one looks against the black hat, but we had a tough time getting a good picture.

AHHH!  There's GOT to be at least one decent picture of each of these.  Right?

Well, for Jeff's first time as photographer I think we did pretty well.  He'll get better.  He's going to be getting a lot of practice.  If you're interested in any of these barrettes or pins, they'll be in my Etsy shop in the next couple of days.


To Sew With Love said...

I am getting obsessed over fabric rosettes, too. I had been making some last week! Yours look so pretty! Thanks for sharing, shawna!

Kelli said...

these are so cute and ilove the fabric!! i have tried so hard to learn to make these and havent gotten it right yet! i love the one with the heart in themiddle!!

Elizabeth said...

Super cute! Would love for you to come visit me at Sew Chatty and link up to Made With Love Monday! The party will be open all week if you'd like to link up multiple projects. Have a great day!

Krafty Kat said...

So cute! Love the rosettes on the hats- that is adorable! Thanks for linking up! I may have to try making some- hope I don't end up obsessed too!