Monday, January 17, 2011

Dr. Who? Me! Shawna

This weekend I revved up my Cricut to do some challenges on Tallyscrapper.  Well, I say revved up, but what I mean is I spent 5 hours trying to get the stupid thing to update before I could cut the ONE thing I wanted to cut.  Ah well, that's okay I guess. 

I'm not much of a cardmaker, but one of the challenges was to make a card with a handmade flower on it.  Since I have a bunch of rosettes made, I put a quick pin together to put on the card.  That way it's a card AND a gift.  Clever, right?  I cut some Celebrate lace with my new Paper Lace cartridge.

After that was finished, I decided to actually scrap!  For me!!  I haven't done that in, well, a month or so, but still, it seems like a long time.  One of the challenges going on right now is **All About Me**.  The challenge is to do a layout about yourself, using 3 pictures, and do some journaling.  The point is to let others know more about YOU.  I couldn't resist cutting some swirly lace with my Cricut.  After spending all that time to update it, I figured I should get my money's worth.   I even added a tiny peacock that I got from *The Graphics Fairy*.  He was a leftover from another project, and I do love peacocks.  A lot.  Except the noise they make, that is creepy.

My journaling is hidden inside the Tardis.

Some of it had to be blurred out for my protection. 

The Tardis!!!

There are a lot of great challenges going on at Tallyscrapper.  You should check them out!!
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