Saturday, December 4, 2010

Salvo Finds This Week!!

On Wednesday I REALLY wanted to head to the thrift stores as soon as I got out of work, but instead I had to drag myself to a 4 hour first aid refresher training.  Luckily for me, the training only lasted 2 hours and I got home in time to get lots of sleep for work that night.  Thursday morning my schedule was clear, so I figured what the hell.  It wasn't half-off day, but I had a really good feeling that I'd find some good stuff.  And I did.

I managed to get all of this, plus a set of 3 shelves and a small wooden heart for $15.  The shelves need to be put together so that's why they were left out of the pics.  The heart was in my purse and I forgot all about it until this morning!

 I think these wooden rings are my favorite find.  I love them in a big way.  

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