Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm on Pins & Needles...

Or I would be if I hadn't just made two more pincushions from Leah's awesome tutorial on Tallyscrapper!!  My teacup pincushion turned out so perfectly that I kept thinking about making more.  Then the other day I was in the attic, and I found some treasure.  A vintage tin measuring cup and a pottery vase.  Jackpot!!

As the fabric for both I used vintage scarves that I had kicking around and more of that rescued batting.

With the measuring cup I also used Modge Podge to attach a distressed image of a sewing needle fairy that I found at, that's right you guessed it, *The Graphics Fairy*.  Then I hot glued some flowers around the top and bottom and added Pearls (by Queen&Co) for centers.
The pottery vase pincushion was a little tougher to decorate due to its' shape.  All the lace I wanted to use was too big, so I ended up going with some twine.  Then I hot glued an old clip-on flower earring that I got from my mom.  She gave me a bunch of old jewelry a month or so ago, and I've been steadily working my way through it.  (By the way, have I mentioned that I LOVE using tin snips?  They make me feel tough.)
These are so fun to make and super easy.  I did both of them in a couple of hours, and that includes the time I spent treasure hunting in the attic!  I entered them in a challenge on Tallyscrapper, and I'll be linking them up all over the place (Like Brag Monday and Get Your Craft On).  This linking thing really is fun.  I love seeing what everyone else is up to and I've been getting tons of great project ideas.  Hope I can keep up!!
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