Friday, October 15, 2010

Woodland Pics

In the past couple weeks, in an effort to more fully appreciate life, fall, and the land we live on, I've been taking the dogs on hikes. One day we walked all the way up the creek to the road. It was 1.5 miles round trip back down to the house. Ryndham and I spent a lot of time stopping to look into the deeper pools and waiting for Greene to catch up to us. That gave me some time to scout about for neat things. Today I found a turkey feather and a piece of an old jar. It also gave me an opportunity to take some pretty fantastic pictures.

The odd thing is, I haven't taken any pictures of Ryndham. Maybe that's because she was so busy bounding off to inspect the area every few minutes. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to go for another trek. Soon it will be hunting season and even though no one is supposed to hunt on the property, I'm pretty sure it won't be safe out there. Especially for a deer size dog. Even if she IS wearing an orange hunting vest.

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