Friday, October 1, 2010

Survivor Week Three--Wedding Day

As soon as I saw this challenge I knew what I wanted to do, times 2. All night last night at work I struggled with which layout I'd actually do, and I decided on this one. Of course, I think I'm going to do the other one too, it's too good an idea not to use it. These pics are of my cousin Kaitlin's wedding last weekend. She and her husband included their daughter in the ceremony, so it was like they were all getting married. Too cute. Their daughter has cerebral palsy, so the past few years haven't been easy. They just deserve so much happiness and this wedding was fantastic.

Black & white photo and a color photo--check
TV Show Title--"Wedding Day" it's some reality show on TNT. I've never seen it, but the title was perfect.
Use Metal--Heart charm

I also scrapped the other idea I had for this challenge and posted it in the Tally gallery:

The journaling for this is one is all about how my Mother-In-Law's dog, that I'd known for over 6 years, bit me when we were visiting them last year in Colorado. It happened on the first full day of our vacation. He took a chunk of skin out of my lip that was big enough for us to take with us to the hospital in the hopes they'd be able to reattach it, but we put it in ice for the 45 minute trip there. It froze. If you ever have something like that happen, put the piece in milk. That's what they told us at the hospital. I had to have a plastic surgeon come in to stitch me back up.
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