Monday, October 25, 2010

HollaBirthaWeen Baby!!

This year I had a terrible time thinking of costumes for Jeff and me. While I was at the Salvation Army the other day looking for bits for the costume I had in mind, I found a jacket. A fabulous 80s jacket, and a bright green shirt. Then I remembered I still had some "Glued" hairspray, so I decided to just dress up. Not AS anything, just dress up, and give myself a purple mohawk.

It turned out much better than the last time I tried it. Probably because we had all the necessary tools and my hair is about 6 inches shorter now.

Don't you LOVE the jacket?? It's so perfect.

Oh, and what was Jeff's costume you ask? Well, we put an orange hunting vest on our Irish Wolfhound, so she was a hunter. Jeff was a deer. I made him an antler headband and everything. Here he is with his cousin Scott...

A new camera is definitely necessary, and soon! All these pictures were taken with either my cell phone or by a friend.

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