Friday, September 10, 2010

Geeking Out Right Now

Early this morning, around 2am, I read an e-mail from Stephen King's website about the Dark Tower movies. It turns out, they are making 3 movies with a television series to run in between the movie releases. This is my all-time favorite series by my all-time, number #1 favorite author, so you could say I'm a wee bit excited. Ron Howard is going to be directing at least the first movie and the first season of the show, and the show will utilize the props and sets from the movies to allow for continuity.

Does it make me nervous that they might butcher it? Sure, a little, but I'm usually able to keep books and their movie versions separate in my head. There have been a lot of movie adaptations in the last few years of books I've read, and none of them has ruined the book for me thus far. Most of Stephen King's books that have turned into movies were not the greatest. The team that did the miniseries of the The Stand did a HORRIBLE job. It was absolutely terrible. That's something I never need to see again, but I still love the book.

Now the casting search begins. I'm seriously voting for Viggo Mortensen as Roland. A young Clint Eastwood would be even more perfect, but since no one has invented a time machine yet, I believe Viggo would do just as well. I'm not sure about the other members of the ka-tet, but believe me, this will be a topic much discussed here at the Dandoislion Homestead.
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